The couple found a little cat lying on the ground was barely moving and was pregnant

The couple suddenly found a cat while walking in the city. The cat was lying on the ground and could not even move. So, the couple took the cat to the hospital. The animal was about 4 years old. She was named Belle. So, it turned out that the cat will soon give birth and also had a big hematoma on her stomach.

So, after an examination it turned out that the babies were dead and the uterus had ruptured. Most probably this was because of the blow to the stomach. So, she had an operation and fortunately it was successful. Now, she is in the process of recovery. She got the necessary treatment. She already started to drink and eat normally. But the recovery process will last long.

One of the animals in the same shelter started to help the animal get better. And hopefully, such support will help her to recover soon.
This was a touching story. No one knows who did this with the animal. But fortunately, everything is good now and she will soon feel better.

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