The couple ended up in the hospital, and what happened will break your heart

Tom and Delma Ledbetter had mutual friends. And they understood that they are born for each other.
The start of their story is not romantic but had an unforgettable ending.

In their first meeting, when the girl wanted to already get out of the car, Tom took her hand and kissed her. After 3 weeks they got married.
Now they have 2 daughters and 7 grandchildren.

They were living a happy life until Delma became ill and was sent to the hospital.
A couple of days later, her wife also fell ill. The nurses moved the bed so they could be together even there.

The couple was strongly holding their hands. When people noticed, they immediately took a picture of them. It was a sweet and amazing moment.

But a bad thing happened. Delma died. But what’s more surprising was that after an hour Tom’s heart also stopped.
They hold each other’s hands till the end. To meet such a loving couple is a rare thing. The couple lived and died together.

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