The couple adopted 2 dogs and starting from that moment their life was changed

The couple adopted a dog and made it happy. A couple of months before, the owners tied the poor animal and left her alone. So, the dog was sent to the shelter and now she found a family.

They named her Taiga. The dog with her owners turned into a traveler.
And when they got bored the couple decided to adopt another dog from the shelter.

And this dog named Jango came into their family.
It had a sad past. Jango was tied up in the forest and left there.

There was little chance of survival but he was lucky enough.
When he appeared in the shelter a short time later Love and Andrew came to take him. Now they all are happy together.

The family provides her treatment and soon he will be good again.
The dogs are opposites to each other but they could find a common language.

Now, they are best friends.
They spent a lot of time in nature.
So, these animals brought happiness to their lives.

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