The cougar was finally saved and sent to a wildlife sanctuary

Many people take care of wild animals in their homes. But it demands a huge responsibility to keep such animals. It’s hard to have predators at your house.

It’s dangerous for both the animal and the owner to stay in the same place. But still, some people do this.

Recently, one person informed the police about having a female cougar at their house.
The reason for abandoning or having it was still unknown.

Maybe the owner finally understood that having the predator at the house is a mistake. Or maybe it will become unsafe for him to live in the same place with it.

Human Society found a place where the animal could live freely. Here, the animal could enjoy her life.
It’s not normal to keep such animals like house pets. It will never have a happy ending.

Big cats are cute but after some months they turn out to be dangerous for people.
Now her life would be even better than at the house. Hopefully, everything ended happily.

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