The collapse of the US market, traffic jams, and Black Friday. What is the connection?

This year Black Friday falls on November 25th. Promotions, discounts, sales, in a word, the most successful day for shopping around the world. Is it so profitable to buy on this day?

The well-known name Black Friday arose relatively recently, and the tradition of discounting goods before Christmas dates back to the 19th century. In those days, stores significantly reduced prices to get rid of goods for the holidays. Later, this custom grew into a large-scale action with the participation of a huge number of stores and their customers.

For the first time, the expression “Black Friday” arose in the second half of the 19th century and had nothing to do with shopping. On Friday, September 24, 1869, there was a market crash in the United States caused by a fall in the price of gold. A century later, Black was called Friday in Philadelphia, and this expression meant terrible traffic jams.

As the American economy became more resilient, the period after Thanksgiving and before Christmas became the most profitable period. Then businessmen thought to give the expression “Black Friday” a new, more positive meaning. In Philadelphia, advertising campaigns were carried out aimed at creating a positive image of this event. “The best day of the year to go shopping with the family” is how the media described Black Friday.

They wanted to rename “Black Friday” to “Big Friday” to draw a parallel with huge discounts, but the new name did not catch on.
Nowadays, Black Friday has gone beyond the boundaries of the state of Philadelphia and similar promotions can be found all over the world. However, this event is the largest and still takes place in the United States and most Americans associate it with the holiday.

However, there is also a reverse side of the coin. In recent years, US store employees have begun to abandon Black Friday, motivated by the fact that after Thanksgiving, people are better off spending time with their families. Also during promotion days, there is an increase in injuries and deaths that occur due to stampedes at sales.

But still, Black Friday remains the most profitable period of the year. According to statistics, in just a day in the US, sales amount to billions of dollars. There is even a direct association with the name: “in the black” in English means “to get a plus”, that is, to make a profit.
Black Friday is traditionally the last Friday in November. This day does not have a fixed date, as Thanksgiving falls on a different date each year.

Nowadays, most large networks hold promotions for at least a week. And many buyers prepare for Black Friday in advance, taking extra days off from work to purchase the coveted product. In some US states, Black Friday was specially made a day off to sell as much as possible. Some of the owners of retail chains and individual offline stores during the wonderful holiday of discounts deliberately increase the opening hours of their establishments. Ukraine also attracts buyers on Black Friday with discounts and increased working hours. The size of discounts on products is most often 50-70%.

Not so long ago, Black Friday gave birth to another day of discounts. Online retailers are having sales the following Monday as people continue to shop. Noticing this trend, at the beginning of the 21st century, the owners of online platforms came up with Cyber ​​Monday. However, many bloggers and professional buyers advise buying online and during Black Friday. This way you will avoid crowds in shopping malls and will be able to make a more thoughtful choice.

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