The circus bears are finally released to the wild after being in cages for many years

It would be better if animals could not talk. So, their fate depends on people. Many people love animals but some are so cute with them.

The 4 bears of the story passed through many hardships. But thankfully, the story ended happily.
Beras are big animals and they need bigger space for moving.


So, the best place for them is nature.
But some people do not understand such things. So, they abuse animals to make money.

These bears parted with their mother when they were cubs.
These poor creatures were forced to do tricks to make people happy.

But the cruel owners did not even feed them properly.
After 20 years of torture, the animals got the chance to be free as the zoo would be soon closed.

But it did not make a good difference in their life.
On the contrary, they moved to smaller cages.

The cages were so small that it was convenient for dogs only.
In 2005, kind people decided to rescue the poor creatures.

So, they were moved to a wild animal sanctuary. And let’s hope that soon they will all be happy and enjoy their time.

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