The child brought home a puppy and her mom could not chase it away

Yana has always been a cat person. She is fond of cats and whenever she finds them on the street she brings them home. And she never thought about having a dog. But then everything has changed.

The girl went to a session and when she returned back she saw something and could not stay indifferent. She found a wet poor puppy on the street who was freezing. She felt sorry for him. So, the girl took it home.

The mother looked at her daughter and was surprised. Now they will live with this dog.
The girl never wanted to adopt a dog. She thought that some time later the dog would like to go back to the street.

But it never happened.
They named him Mukhtar who is loved by the family.

Yana never regretted keeping this dog in their home as he became everyone’s favorite.
This puppy was so lucky to find such a family. Thanks to the kind girl he did not stay on the street and was now living with his new family.

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