The chicken raised the cat and when the cat become older she took her kittens to the chicken

Many years ago, a chicken raised a cat.
When the cat grew up and left and then returned with her kittens to the same place.

Everything was luckily captured by a camera that was installed in the yard.
The owner of the farm told the press about the case.

Once, the man noticed that chicks appeared there.
But instead of this, he found small kittens.

The man could not understand how they ended up there and then he remembered a story.
Two years ago, there was a cat who had a habit of running into the yard. And she slept in the chicken coop as she felt safe there.

The chicken was happy to look after the kittens. The cat left them there when she went hunting.
But unfortunately, the inhabitants of the coop were not happy with such a neighbor.

So, the man had to build a house for the cat. Now she often comes to see the chickens.
The cat does not consider the chickens as prey.
See the recording that was filmed by the camera.

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