The chained weighed more than the little puppy. The poor dog cried and asked for help

The dog called Enli was sitting next to the house. He was chained with chains.
The weight of the chains exaggerated the weight of the poor creature.

The baby tried to sleep at night and during the day it tried to find a place hiding from the sun. But there was no place to do so. The dog cried and asked for help. But no one reacted to them. People thought that the owner knew the best way to treat the dog.

No one knows how the story will end if the girl called Gretta did not appear there.
She could not stay indifferent seeing the animal. The owner was not paying too much attention to the dog.

So, the girl arranged a meeting with the owners and asked them to take the dog.
She would provide it with necessary care and attention.

Then, Gretta started to look for a home for the animal. And she managed to find a caring family for it. Now Enli has a home. He did not know what it meant to be loved and treated. Now Enli enjoys every moment living with the family.

Also, he has already made new friends. He also became friends with the cats who were living near their house.
Let’s hope that he will continue living the rest of his life in happiness.

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