The cats were in gray color but gradually turned black

Once, the owner of the home named Virginia opened the door and was surprised when she saw cats inside there. Each cat has an unusual color.

The homeowner took the babies to the shelter where the staff examined the babies. It turned out that such a phenomenon occurs when a pregnant mother feels depressed.

And then babies are born with another color and do nor show their real color.
But fortunately, all the babies were healthy.

The staff arrived at the scene and wanted to catch the mother and reunite her with her babies.
They did this the same day. The mother was very wild.

The mother was not used to being in four walls and it was difficult for her to be in such a condition.
After some days she calmed down and agreed to stay there.

Most probably she understood that the people wanted to help her.
Days passed and the cate became even more active.

Also, they were so connected to Debbie and always approached her when they heard her voice.
And their hair gradually started to change color.

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