The cat’s meowing led the police to a missing woman who was in a ravine

Pets are our best friends and nothing can replace their loyalty . We hear so many stories when they endanger their lives to save their owners.

And this story is about a cat whose meowing helped the police to find the missing woman.
Once, the police started an investigation when the woman was lost.

Luckily, it took a little time to find her and the reason is the following.
The woman heard a cat meowing for a long time from the same place.

She realized that the kitten was the neighbor’s. But it seemed that the cat wanted to say something.

She kept on meowing until a rescue team came.
It became obvious that the owner called Piran who was an old woman fell into the ravine and could not move.

They took her to the hospital. Fortunately, she was in normal condition and did not have any serious injuries. Now she is getting special treatment and soon will be recovered.

Now, everything is good thanks to the loyal cat and the rescue team. What could happen with her if the cat did not inform them about the case? No one knows.

Piran is a hero. And pets are our loyal friends.

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