The cat with paralyzed legs enjoys the life with the help of toy wheels

The cat named Bernard is so lucky as he was wandering on the streets with his paralyzed legs, and did not stop enjoying life. And due to the kind owner, the cat moved with the help of special wheels that were designed for him.

The baby moved to a local shelter when one of the employees named Jennifer took him for overexposure.
The woman called the baby Bernard.

And when the baby was shown to the doctors it became obvious that because of dislocation he could not move his hind legs.
The baby also has other problems. He could not go to the toilet without the help of anyone.

In the first days, the cat shocked his mother. He tried to run and explored the home. The woman understood that the baby did not want to give up and fought for his life.

The woman built a special structure for the animal so that he can move alone. And when he became used to the wheels no one could stop him.

So, Bernard proved that he can do everything that other pets do even in such conditions. And the woman in turn did her best to help the animal.

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