The cat with one ear finally found a kind person who saved her life

Clarissa found a cat in the parking lot one year ago.
The cat was homeless and frightened. His one ear was torn off.

The cat was hidden under the car but when the woman saw her she wanted to save her life.
So, she finally managed to catch the animal and took it to the vet.

The doctors said that they should remove her ear. The doctor also asked to look after the baby after the operation. And Clarissa agreed to do so.

She called the cat Vesper and took home.
But the path of recovery was so hard for them.

After some days, the animal rejected eating or drinking anything.
She took the animal back to the best.

It turned out that she had coccidia.
And this was because of her street life.

Clarissa was very happy to spend days with her.
She gave her love and care.

The cat fought for her life.
The cat became a very cute and charming creature.

And the absence of her ear was not a problem anymore.
She is an affectionate baby and she continued fighting for her life.

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