The cat with 7 kittens was left in a box out in the rain

It was a cold and rainy day. When one of the residents was throwing out the garbage she heard meowing. The woman could not stay indifferent and followed the noise to find the cat.

So, she found a box with a cat and 7 kittens inside there.
She could not leave them there in such a condition so she took them home.

Now, no one could harm them.
After that, the woman reported the case to the volunteers.

They came and took the animals. The volunteers first took them to the vet.
Here, the cats underwent an examination. They were all very friendly and kind.

The mother cat had an eye defect and if it stayed in the street she could not survive.
The mother had an infection so she could not feed her babies.

This story was shared on social media and many people started to collect money to help the family.
Let’s hope that soon everything will be good with the family thanks to these kind people.

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