The cat with 2 legs is playing in the cutest way

This cat called Pancake is similar to other cats. So, she enjoys playing, eating, and doing some other activities. She also sleeps like a normal cat. But she has some differences.

She had a deformed skeleton and did not have 2 legs.
The current owner told them that her previous family wanted to euthanize her.

And then Meagan found her and adopted her.
Meagan wanted to adopt her anyway.

But she did not have such a disabled cat before and did not know how to act with her.
She also found another cat called Mercury whose story motivated the girl.

Before taking Pancake she watched Mercury’s pictures and videos.
They did a great job with Mercury and Pancake should also have a chance.

She differs from others but she did not have fewer chances than others.
In such hands, Pancake started to feel better.

She also learned to move with 2 legs.
When she wants to catch something she jumps on it.

She is a strong creature and the owners miss her when they are at work.
When they return home Pancake greets them so gladly.

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