The cat was near an old house and a kitten was tied to her paw

The kind people saw a cat while passing near a house. The animal had some wounds and the kitten was next to her. At first, they could not understand what was happening but then they witnessed a strange scene.

The cat tried to run away when it saw people. So, people were shocked by seeing this and decided to chase the animal and understand what was wrong.

What they saw amazed them. The kitten was tied to the cat and was barely moving.
The cat was looking for food, So, then they went to the building. People chased them and finally understood why the mother came there.

Babies were there.
Later, it became obvious that one woman helped this family. The cat did not allow anyone to come near the,

And people hurried to help the animals. So, they set a trap and they will soon fall there. And finally, they managed to catch them. Now, they will be cured.

The cat had some injuries and she should be treated well. The kittens were also examined. After the examination, all babies went to their mother so that she would not worry about them. Now they are all in safe hands.

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