The cat was left without food and water for a week and was finally saved

The cat called Marilyn was living a happy life with his family. She won many exhibitions but no one could expect that her life would change for the worse.

At that time she was ten years old. But she was not lucky as her owner ended up in a hospital and she was left alone.
Soon, the water and the food ended and she did not have anything to eat. The poor animal did not know what to do in such a situation.

Soon, she was taken from the house by the shelter staff. Her body was weakened and she was exhausted. She went for an examination and it turned out that she had sick kidneys and also some other diseases.

So, the doctors could only maximize the lifespan of her life.
Soon, one woman became interested in her and was amazed by her look.

The woman said that she looked sad so she decided to make her happy.
The cat deserved it.

The woman also had 2 other cats. It was hard for them to find a common language with each other but she soon started to play with them.
Now, she is happy as she has a home and loving owners.

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