The cat was born with unusual paws and the owner decided to get rid of it

The helpless and tiny cat was left in the hospital. The baby had unusual paws and large fingers. So, the owners did not want to keep the cat with defects. So, they left the animal there at the hospital.

The cat was alone in this big world.
The doctors looked after him. But he needed a home and special treatment.

One of the workers felt sorry for the animal and she did not think that the cat was useless. So, as she could not stay indifferent she decided to take the cat to her home.

The kitten was shy but now she would not be alone. Other pets surrounded her, including the dog called Mojito. So, she decided to take responsibility and be careful about it.

The dog either felt sorry or had maternal instincts toward the animal.
But she did her duties properly.

The cat felt love from the dog and was very happy. She was many times smaller than the dog but she was not afraid of her. He knew that Mojito would not harm her.
The dog somehow replaced her mother. They both are happy to have each other.

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