The cat was born four days later than his siblings and are very connected to his mom

Shelby was found before giving birth to her puppies. She met a kind person who looked after her after giving birth.
Later, it turned out that she had more babies than expected. The only puppy who survived was Sparky.

The doctors did their best to survive him. But after 4 days he also died. But then magic happened.
Shelby gave birth to another baby. And at this time the person decided to take her home.

This newborn was very active. Shelby was very careful with her and gave all her attention to her.
Everything was fine with this baby. They named her Lizzie. Lizzie gradually gained weight.

Although she was very tiny, she fought for her life and finally survived.
Then she also started to play with her mom.

Shelby spent all her time with her baby.
They even sleepily hug each other.

Shelby was a real hero.
They are happy as they are safe and have the best owners.

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