The cat was almost dying till the puppy felt his scent

Leah Spilka posted photos and shared the story about the special friendship among her pets.
Everything started when a woman walked into the yard of her house with her puppy called Opie.

And suddenly the puppy was attracted to something and did not want to leave the yard.
The woman started to wonder what the puppy saw and when looked around there she found a little cat and maggots were already lying on it.

So, the woman took the baby to the hospital.
The baby underwent an examination and it is named Roscoe.

The baby started to feel better and was already under care.
Leah got the necessary advice and started to cure the cat.

After some days it already opened his eyes. Opie refused to leave him even for a minute. He was there and always ready to help the kitten.

He was worried about his well-being.
So, the dog started to sleep with the cat.

Roscow grows up day by day and becomes stronger.
He made friends with other dogs as well.

Three years have passed and they are still best friends.
They love each other so much.

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