The cat wanted to steal food from the store but then slept on the box

The life of a wandering animal is very hard. They had to cope with many difficulties and try to get food and stay alive. And this cat slept during an important task.

Melanie Morris-Jones came to a store to buy food and then noticed kitten who slept on a food box. The girl could not imagine that her photos would become popular and many people would be witnessed such a funny robber.

This was the laziest pet in history.
Most probably he wandered on the streets and entered the store, and took the food but could not open it as he did not have hands.

It seemed that the store owners knew about the guest as he came there every day.
But they did not know anything about the cat owners.

And now the animal became popular.
The girl was taking photos and the cat dozed in the box and asked the woman what she wanted?

It was very difficult to become angry at such a lazy animal. Let’s hope that caring person will adopt the animal and it would no longer steal anything from there.

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