The cat walked about 24 miles to return to his village

The cat called Cupid disappeared 3 days before the New Year. His owner looked for him everywhere but could not find him.
The family was worried and handed out leaflets but everything was in vain.

The animal was found 3 weeks later. He was 24 miles away.
The owner named India did not know what prompted the animal to leave the house.

India remembered that the animal ran away when he was a kitten as well. So, this was not the first case.
Luckily, someone recognized the animal and called it India.

To reach his village, the cad crossed rivers and fields. And no one even noticed him. He was lucky enough that he did not meet any stray dogs.
And fortunately, now he is reunited with his family.

Most probably he had some childhood memories and that’s why he did it.
He went to find his former owners and friends but could not.

Now India should be even more careful with him.
The animal is already microchipped.

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