The cat took meat from the store every day and took it somewhere

Once, a red cat came to the store. He asked for meat from the seller. They all stayed indifferent and wanted to drive him away.

The next day, he came to the store again, sat down, and waited for something. Then the woman gave him meat. But the cat did not eat it, so he left it in his mouth and took it somewhere.

No one knows where he went. So, the cat did the same every day and the woman decided to follow him to find out what was wrong.

It turned out that the cat fed another cat. This cat was injured and couldn’t move.
The woman took the sick animal and brought it to the hospital. Then she took her home.

She could not separate the friends from each other. The cat’s paw was fortunately cured but the doctors were sure that they were not relatives but just best friends who helped each other when needed.

We do not know if the woman would keep them or take them to the shelter but whatever she did is already worth praising.

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