The cat survived in such conditions not believing in his salvation

The cruel people get rid of the animal in such weather. They did not even wonder what could happen with the animal in this cold. The animal was not used to such conditions and did not know where to go in such a cold.

So he could not find a way and sat there hugging himself with his paws.
One grandmother fed the animal but she did not have any intention to take him.

Because of such harsh conditions, the cat got a skin infection.
And he became ill. He refused to eat anything.

The grandmother found a volunteer’s number and asked them to come and help the animal.
They hurried to take the cat. The animal was horrified.

Later, it turned out that the animal had pneumonia and other diseases.
A lot of money was needed to treat the animal.

But everything went well and after some time he started to feel well.
The savior named the cat a Sock.

She could not find another name for him yet.
And thanks to the woman the animal survived.

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