The cat stole food from the garage and then finally reunited with his owner

It’s hard for domestic animals to survive in hard situations. But this huge cat managed to do so. So, he later became an popular on social media.

He constantly broke the woman’s garage and stole food from there. He continued doing this for about 6 months.
And then he got caught. He was found in the hole and the woman who found him called a special center to come and get him out from there. So, they took him to the shelter.

The director of the center, Barbara, said that such cases are rare and that the cat was so heavy.
And this cat became a star.
That evening, the woman saw the cat on the internet and recognized him.

And the next day, she came to the shelter and showed the photos of her cat and proved that it was her.
So, when she came it turned out that his name was Hercules. They also knew how he appeared on the street.

The cat’s owner went to Canada for an operation and then the cat ran away from their house.
But now fortunately they are reunited and the cat would no longer steal food.

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