The cat saved the baby swan’s life by bringing it to the old couple

Wonderful stories like this are a reminder of how thoughtful and empathetic our four-leg friends can be.

The following story takes place in a distant village where an old couple lived. They had a cat that lived with them for over 15 years. It had red fur. The cat was from time to time disappearing, but always returning back. Additionally, when the grandfather went fishing, it always accompanied him.

Once the cat got sick and instead of staying at home went wandering outside. It didn’t return for days which made the grandmother worried. Thus she started asking around the neighborhood.

From one little girl, the grandmother heard that the cat was near the lake but again she reached the lake she couldn’t find it. After a few days, the couple completely lost their hope.

Surprisingly, one day they heard the cat’s call from the outside. When the couple looked outside they saw the cat with a little unknown bird. The bird’s wings were injured.

Later the grandmother took it to a veterinarian who examined the bird’s wounds. The veterinarian told the grandmother that it was a baby swan and gave them a special cream to use on the wounded areas.

When spring came, the baby grew into an elegant and beautiful swan. The couple made a wooden house for the swan near the lake and brought it food daily. Along with grandmother and grandfather, the cat also was always near the swan, guarding him all day long.

When the swan got completely healthy it flew away. The old couple thought it will never come back, but days later it flew back. This time it wasn’t alone but with a beautiful partner.

Both of them started to live together in the wooden house and had baby chicks. The cat was visiting his friend and little baby chicks from time to time.

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