The cat saved 2 babies and became a kind father for them

The girl called Midori already saved 4 cats. At first she did it for herself but then started to do it for other people. So, she found pets from the most saddest places.
Mid recently saw information about a little cat who was found on the street and was transferred to the tomb.

She waited for her son to come back from school and went to the place where the pets were. Fortunately she was there on time and managed to do so.

The pets were in the box and it seemed that no one fed them for some days.
Midori called the babies Haku and Koi. She took them home and started to look after them.

Her husband supported her the way he could. They were good parents for the pets.
The man gradually put the babies near his adult cat called Wang.

Surprisingly, the cat did not reject the babies. On the contrary, she took the role of a mom.
You will be amazed when you see how she licks the babies. The babies also loved their father named Van.

They followed him everywhere he went.
The father sometimes cuddles his babies and is always with them.

The baby named Koi had a special habit. He loved sleeping with Van’s tail.
So, they are the best family ever.

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