The cat sat and cried and the woman could not pass indifferently

Once, Maria walking home heard a crying noise. When she followed the sound she saw a cat. So, she found a poor creature.

It was easy to understand why he cried so tightly. It was winter and the baby was freezing outside. Maria decided to help the cat.

The girl already has 2 cats and she could not take the third one home. But she could not leave her freezing.

So, she put the cat in a carriage and left it at the entrance of her house. She also fed the animal.
The cat was well-groomed and it was obvious that she was domestic.

So, Maria thought that she lost her owner.
The girl made posts and hoped that the owners would soon appear.

But no one appeared.
Maria saw that the cat was still cold.

So, she decided to take the cat home.
I did not plan to keep her forever but now I do not have another option.

My cats greeted her calmly and she left there.

So, I decided that it was fate and kept her forever.
How could people ignore defenseless animals? Thanks to Maria, this baby was saved.

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