The cat now has a best friend and always cuddles with it

The cat called William was found when he was about six weeks old. Then, it was transferred to the shelter in Gainesville.
The student girl noticed him and decided to take him.

The animal was dirty when found. But the biggest problem was with his face.
His face has been deformed since birth. His face was similar to a bulldog.

In the girl’s house, the cat also met other animals from the shelter.
Among them was a dog named Cora. William immediately noticed and loved Cora. And Cora felt the same.

Now, they are inseparable and sleep only hugging each other. Cora was very friendly with everyone but she had a special attitude towards William.
So, when the girl saw their friendship she understood that she could not give William to others.

So, she decided to keep him forever.
William is already ten months old but continued being friends with Cora. He is also well with other cats and dogs in the same house.
They all are happy to have each other.

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