The cat named Lulu is thankful to be adopted and as a gratitude sign she brought the slippers to her owner every day

The cat chose this funny way to be grateful to her owner for adopting her. And maybe you will also want to adopt a pet after knowing this story.

The cat called Lulu was so happy that she already had a sweet and permanent home. So, she brings the slippers to her owner every day as a sign of gratitude.

Lulu was in a very bad condition when she was brought to the shelter. After some time, she started to look better but no one wanted to take her as she had some health problems.

She got the problems because of being in a small cage for a very long time. Now she could not even jump.

But now she is happy as she is adopted by Kayla, who fell in love with her from the very first moment when they met.

And they could not imagine that they would be surprised.
The family acted very well with the animal. They gave her lots of love and attention.

Lulu looked and felt better.
Once, the mother saw that the cat brought her slippers to her.

She understood that the animal wanted to somehow show her gratitude.
And after that, it became a habit.

The family was very happy to have her.

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