The cat mom got back into the flames 5 times to save all her kittens

The love and care that mothers show for their children is a sentiment so powerful that can’t be replaced with anything. Many mothers are ready to do anything for their children and that applies to not only humans but also animals.

We’ll share the touching story about how a cat returned to a burning house not just once but five times to save all of her kittens while risking her life.

One abandoned garage in New York caught in flames. The firefighters arrived on time but while they were trying to put out the fire, one of them observed a stray cat returning multiple times to the place that was in flames and taking out her little babies one at a time by taking them with her teeth.

She was taking cuties out of the burning place and returning to save another one. The loving mom got her face, ears, and even eyes burnt a bit during the brave act but took all her kittens out of the flames.

As she was able to take back with her just one kitten at a time, the kittens’ mom had to do the same five times in a row in order to save all her babies. After she saved all of her kittens and made sure they were alright, she lost consciousness and fell to the ground.

Touched by the cat’s gesture, one of the firefighters that saw the unconscious animal brought the mother cat to the clinic for animals and thus was able to save her.

The New York Post published a piece about the heroic act. Many who read the story wanted to help the cat and kittens find a home. The kittens found new homes in a short period. Additionally, their mom was taken by a kindhearted woman too.

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