The cat missed his mom so much that that people decided to replace her with something

Midori heard news about 2 cats who would be euthanized if they could not find owners. She contacted the shelter and warned them about her arrival. He did it so that he could not be late.

He waited for his son to come back from school so that he could go for them.
The babies named Haku and Koi were so little and they weighed about 120 g.

They were homeless and did not receive the necessary care. No one knows how they managed to survive. And it was a magic that they managed to survive without food.
The baby named Haku did not leave his sister even for a minute. After some time the baby opened his eyes.

The baby missed someone. Midori understood that the vat missed his mom. They did not know what to do and how to help the baby. So, they decided to bring him a toy like her mother was. When the baby saw the toy he gave her a message.

Haku was a blind cat and he never saw his mom, Midori said.
Now, the baby is waiting for its owners. Let’s hope that everything will be good with him.

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