The cat made friends with three dogs and their quartet is now very popular on social media

One Japanese couple already had three beautiful Shiba Inu dogs of different colors. Due to circumstances, they also had an American shorthair cat.

The husband was not very fond of cats, but his wife convinced him to get a cat.
Many people would be afraid to bring a cat into a house where there is a dog, and here there are three of them! How will they get along together, and will the fluffy one suffer?

To decide on such an undertaking and such a step, you need to know the habits of cats, and the hostess was an expert in this field.

No one hurt the cat, and everyone got along well with her. An adorable cat named Kiki became the leader of the entire pack and turned them all into Instagram stars.

187,000 people have already subscribed to her page. Subscribers every day watch how their four-legged friends live, how they get along, and who is their boss.

Note that zoologists who have studied the causes of enmity between cats and dogs have come to the logical conclusion that cats are not afraid of dogs, they simply do not want to make contact.

They don’t like to have their space invaded and prefer to be alone, while dogs crave companionship.

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