The cat loved sitting on his owner’s lap and then he moved to a shelter

Many people need a cat at home. It’s pleasant for them to hold and stroke and play with it. It’s even more pleasant when a pet loves you the same way.

But not all of us think the same way. For instance, this story is about a cat called Jacques whose owners took him to a local shelter.

The reason was that he loves lying on his owner’s lap. And because of his previous owners, he was used to being at the center of everyone’s attention.

And then the shelter started to look for new owners for him. And even at the shelter, he wanted to find human love.
All attempts were in vain and then the staff decided to post an announcement on social media.

They told about the cat and posted his photos. They also mentioned that he always gives love and care to his lovely ones.
And they did not wait too long.

They immediately found new owners for him.
It was easy for him to get used to the new environment.

He also loved Liz’s grandson so much and started to play with him.
This is how they show their devotion and love to their owners.

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