The cat helped his owner to look after her babies

The cat named Rigby came to Holly Bruckauser’s house many years ago.
The family adopted him from a shelter. They had one pet so they thought that now the cats would be best friends.

After a year, the girl started to be engaged in fostering and took small babies to home.
Rigby turned out to be a very joyful and amazing nanny for the babies.

And when the babies came home the cat immediately became interested in them.
So, he started to lick each one. He did like a real mom would do.

Rigby now sleeps with them in an embrace.
When the mother was in fostering, Rigby helped her in upbringing babies.

And when they grew up, he started to play with them and spent a lot of time with them.
Now, Holly has a cat with its 5 kittens.

The kittens love the kind babysitter very much.
Rigby was so happy when the babies came to live with them. He was so attentive with them like a real parent.

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