The cat had many kids and was tired of being a dad

Being a parent is a hard job. It does not matter whether you are an animal or a person.
Jaker knows perfectly how to raise your babies. Recently, he had 4 cats. And you should be careful of all of them.

Maine Coon amazed his fans a lot. His owner shared a photo where he is looking after his babies.
Many people started to feel sorry for the dad. From the picture, it was obvious that he was very tired.

Maine Coon surprised everyone.
The owner confesses that it’s very hard to keep such an animal as Joker loves eating a hearty meal so they had to cook very often to please the cat.

The internet users who saw his pictures say that his face looks like a human expression.
The father loves his babies very much. So, he always played with them and spent most of the time with them.

But he was so tired that it was obvious even from a picture.

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