The cat got a job when it was 19 years old

The woman called Liz Baker has been living for 2 years in a nursing home with a cat. The name of the cat was Simba and it was 19 years old.

Not every cat reaches this age. But he is still energetic and joyful.
The woman adopted him when he was 10 years old.

‘When he first came to my home, he walked around the whole home and then sat down next to the cage and looked at me, ‘ said the woman.

After that, they have been together.
The owner takes the cat for a walk and gets some fresh air.

And it’s a great chance for Simba to have friends.
And when a new resident comes to the house he greets them with pleasure.

It was his new job.
The nursing home appreciated the cat’s presence there so much.

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