The cat finally found the people he had been waiting for a very long time

The cat was once brought to the shelter.
The cat was found in the street and was dirty. It had some scars and some wounds.

He was an old cat. He tried to befriend other animals at the shelter and was not afraid of anyone.
The staff did not know what to do with him.

Then, one of the workers decided to search for a new family for the animal. But they believe that the cat had low chances because of his age and illnesses.

But the magic happens and the owners are found.
One of the owners was a vet and he knows well how to act with animals.

So, they decided to help the poor animal.
The cat started to visit the office with Ed and watched all the visitors to the clinic.

He helped Ed in his job.
He should stay at the clinic for some time as he had special attention and care.

He should be fed well.
Here, he was surrounded by love and attention. She befriended all visitors.
The owners aimed to ensure her life with safety and warmth. Such kind and caring owners.

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