The cat entered the man’s house to have babies and it changed her whole life

Everything started when the pregnant cat entered the stranger’s house and gave birth. After that everything changed.
The cat entered the house of one of the British film directors.

The man woke up and found an unfamiliar cat in his house.
The cat was not alone, she was with her infant babies.

‘I felt father at that moment, ‘ he said.
The man did not know the cat and how she entered his house. But he was responsible for them.

So, he decided to help the family.
He also wrote about this case in a local animal rescue group.

He was advised on how to treat the babies right.
Over the next weeks, he posted many photos of cats.

The family brought a lot of joy to his life.
He became more connected to the babies every day.

He did not expect that they would have such an influence on him.
I learned more about myself during these days, he said.

When the babies grew up he took all of them to the vet for a checkup.
They did not have any microchips and now he can rightfully be their owner.
So, he took them and returned home.

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