The cat decided to cure the puppies who lost their mother

The man was walking along the city when he suddenly noticed something strange. Then the scene amazed him when he got closer. There were wet puppies who were fed with cat milk.

Later, it became obvious that the mom of the puppies was hit by a car and the cat started to look after the babies. The cat recently raised her babies and she still has milk.

It was amazing to see how the cat fed the dogs with her milk.
The cat gave her warmth, love, and care to the pups.

The workers of the nearest shop fed the animal so that she could feed the pups.
Moreover, a place was created for this family where they can spend the nights.

The activist also searched for the owners of the dogs.
Animals are the most amazing creatures in the world. They are so good and people should be like them.
They are a good example of kindness.

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