The cat could not see and eat because of the huge tumor but luckily she met kind people

Kita could be considered the most unlucky creature in the world.
No one took care of her.

She lives in the street in all weather conditions.
No one paid any attention to this poor creature.

But once, one of the shelter workers met the animal and took it.
The baby underwent an examination and the results were not satisfying.

The tumor was incurable and they could not do anything.
The doctors found that euthanasia is the only solution to this problem as the poor animal could not see and eat anything.

The cat would be sent to forever sleep if the special animal rescue center did not hear about this case.
The representatives of the center came and met the animal and decided to save her life.

The operation was performed to save the animal.
It was a risky thing but they did it.

Everything could have a sad ending. The animal could no longer eat properly and caretakers should help with this.
No one wanted to take the animal.

But after an operation, magic happened.
And the look of the cat was gradually recovering. And now she eats so much as she had never been fed before.

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