The cat became popular after supporting his girlfriend during childbirth

Many people think that animals could not support their fellows. So, according to them, they do not care about their kids especially when it’s about males. But they are affectionate creatures and this story once again proves it.

Yellow is a bright example of love and devotion.
When the pictures of the cat appeared on social media, he immediately became popular among internet users.

Yellow showed so much care and love to the cat so that no one could leave indifferent. Here, you can see the photos.

Many people found cats as solitary animals but Yellow showed that they can also be kind and careful parents.
Yellow did not leave the mother cat alone even for a minute during her childbirth.

He was worried but at the same time patient till his babies would be born.
He immediately took the role of caring father when they were born.

He also looked after the babies so that the mother also could relax.
So, if you could not believe in such feelings you will change your opinion after hearing this story.

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