The cat asked people to chase her and then checked whether they follow her or not

This story happened in Russia. People noticed a cat from the window of a cafe and it seemed that she called them.
The workers wanted to drive her away but the visitors were not allowed to do so.

So, they decided to check what she wanted.
People thought she was hungry and wanted to feed her.

But the cat demanded and wanted to show them something. The cat started to walk and looked as if the woman followed her. She did not know if they understood her or not.

In the end the animal led them so fast that they barely kept her up.
And then they suddenly stopped near one box. The man opened the box and they were shocked.

Little cats were found inside the box. The cat started to feed and lick them.
Young people took the cat and her babies with them.

Now they are searching for a home for the babies and they also decided to adopt the heroic cat. Let’s hope that soon the babies will find their caring owners.
Such an amazing story!

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