The caring family took a disabled dog and made her the happiest

The dog named Bonnie lost part of her face, paw, and tail. And unfortunately, she will be sent to euthanasia as no one would keep her in such a condition.

No one wanted to even treat her.
But the UK’s animal rescue center heard about the poor creature and decided to help.

They assigned treatment and after some time started to look for people who would adopt the dog.
They also widely spread her photos on social media to accelerate the process.

And one lady saw the post about Bonnie. She is a big animal lover and felt sorry for her.
She persuaded her husband to take the dog. At that time they already had 3 dogs.

Kate took her until she could find the perfect owner for the dog.
This poor and vulnerable cat indeed needed care and love.

And they adopted her.
The family also raised money for her treatment.

She had wounds on her limb and there is a need for a prosthetic leg.
She had many followers on Instagram.

The woman opened an Instagram account for her to raise money.
People were interested in her.

Bonnie is a very kind and forgiving creature.
This creature deserved to be loved and healthy.

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