The camera revealed that the dog did not sleep and looked at the wall during the night but there is a reason for this

George Miller was a lonely man and decided to buy a dog to solve this.
At first, the dog behaved normally but the man decided to put a camera in the room.

And once when he looked at the videos he saw that the dog did not sleep at night and looked at the wall for hours.

So, if he did not do so he could not know about this strange behavior.
So, the man decided to return the dog to the shelter as he did not understand the reason for his behavior. But then he wondered what he could see there.

Soon he heard sounds from the wall.
So, he broke the wall and found a small kitten behind there. He did not understand how the cat got there.

It turned out that the dog smelled the kitten and the reason for his behavior was finally revealed.
The story ends happily. Miller kept the cat and now he had 2 pets.

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