The bulldog thought that the horse is just a huge dog and went to play with him

One man once went out for lunch and coming back to the office he saw an amazing moment.
He noticed police horses who were guiding the area.

He became interested in what was happening there. Finally, he saw a bulldog playing with the patrol horse. It was a sweet moment.
When the dog noticed the horse he hurried to play with him. Most probably, he thought that the horse was just a huge dog.

He thought that they could befriend him and he was right.
The owner tried to stop the dog but his efforts were in vain.

The horse was well trained and stayed calm. These animals are trained to be reserved in all situations.
The horse soon understood that the dog would not harm him and started to play. The dog was now the happiest.

He could not even calm down. He kissed the horse as a sign of friendship.
And this amazing moment attracted everyone’s attention.

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