The brave woman pulled a stroller from the water

Mrs. Pocock lives next to a channel with a strong current of water. Once, when she was in her garden, something strange won her attention.

Living next to the channel she understands that if someone fell into it, he could not save himself.
One day, when a girl with her dog was walking in the channel she suddenly noticed something.
There was a baby with a stroller.

She, without hesitation, threw herself in the water and caught the stroller.
She tried to pull it ashore and it was not an easy thing to do.

When she reached the shore she noticed that she was injured and did not even understand how she saved the baby in such a condition.

But it’s not the time to pay attention to that as the baby turned blue.
So, she tapped him on the back.

After that, the baby started to cough and breathe again.
At that time the ambulance had already arrived and everyone was thankful to the girl who saved the baby.

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