The brave fox became popular on social media who constantly nap on a tree stump

Sarah Ryan’s parents should be isolated in Canada. Sarah was worried about her parents’ life as she anticipated it to be a boring routine.

They did not have a pet to look after and then something happened.
The loneliness turns to enjoyment as the spouses find something to engage themselves in.

So, a little fox was coming to their window every day.
And it became his lovely napping place.

Sarah was concerned about their routine as they did not have anything to do. But this animal made their day.

Her parents took a photo of the animal and sent it to their daughter so that she saw they were having a good time. Soon, the girl posted the photo on social media which went viral.

But she did not imagine that it would gain such popularity.
The parents named it Nezuko. Sarah constantly posted about the animal.

Once, when the man approached the animal, it woke up and looked at him and then continued sleeping again. It was enjoying its time under the sun.

The couple was happy to have Nezuke near them.

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