The brave dog saved about 150 people due to its bark

The residents of the city are thankful for the dog. The dog named Appu helped them to be saved on time.
The dog raised the alarm and the 150 tenants were saved. The case happened on November 18.

The fire started in one of the apartments of the building and then spread to the whole building. The building where the dog Golden Retriever was living.

The whole family was at work at that time.
The old woman called Kathyayini did not know what was happening.

He used to be very calm but that day he acted strangely. He started to bark loudly and called everyone out of the building.
The hero dog saved many people’s lives.

Two strangers passing near the building saw what happened and called for help. Firefighters came in a couple of minutes.
So, everyone was saved due to this dog. The residents were grateful to him.

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