The brave dog sacrificed his life and saved his little owner from fire

The dog named Nero saved his owner’s life and died. The Girl called Jen together with her family was living in Cleveland.
That evening the woman was near her car when suddenly noticed that her house was on fire.

‘I heard my daughter was crying but I did not want to help her, ‘ she said.
‘I could not do anything to save her’ she continued.

The woman cut her hands when she tried to get into the house. Some burns appeared on her but no one managed to enter the house. Only firefighters managed to overcome the fire and enter the house.

When they were inside they saw that the child was alive. But no one knows if she would be alive if the dog was not there. The animal covered her and stayed with her till help arrived. The animal could run away from there but it preferred staying there.

The baby was alive. She was covered with the dog. She was saved thanks to the hero dog.
The animal was taken to the vet but there is little chance that it will survive.

This is not the first time when dogs sacrifice their lives to save their owners.

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